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2010 Ogden Marathon

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American Fork,UT,USA

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Nov 07, 2009



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50+ marathons, a few ultras, a slew of halves. Love the trails

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St. George

Hopefully a BQ this year


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Saucony Guide TR Lifetime Miles: 324.09
Montrail Hard Rock (Red) Lifetime Miles: 139.39
Asics GT-2150 Trail Lifetime Miles: 135.13
Saucony Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 167.47
Five-Fingers KSO Lifetime Miles: 7.25
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Asics GT-2150 Trail Miles: 6.21Saucony Hurricane 8 (Yellow) Miles: 36.24
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6.21 miles / 0:54:32 / 8:46 A.P. / Provo River Trail

Asics GT-2150 Trail Miles: 6.21
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

10.04 miles / 1:23:53 / 8:21 A.P. / Provo River Trail

New shoes, new socks.  Pretty socks.


Best run I've had in a long time.  Splits are as follows - 8:33, 8:37, 8:37, 8:39, 8:40, 8:34, 8:19, 7:53, 7:49, 0:19 (7:29 pace).  Me likey.

Saucony Hurricane 8 (Yellow) Miles: 10.04
Race: 2010 Ogden Marathon (26.2 Miles) 04:01:19, Place overall: 761, Place in age division: 67
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Ogden, May 14, 2010.  “What am I even doing here!?” kept running through my mind between the hours of 5 and 11 p.m.  The answer was obvious, but I wasn’t exactly convinced.  I ate an early lunch but by the time 9:00 rolled around I was hungry and really wanted something to eat.  I ate a banana and a pop-tart and hoped that would suffice. 


Off to bed—but the USA channel had a NCIS marathon going on—I watched like 5 episodes before I forced myself to turn off the TV at 11.  I like Mark Harmon (or the character he plays in the show, Agent Jethro Gibbs). 


Remember way back when in the mid 80’s when Moonlighting was on?  At some point in that series, Mark Harmon played a love interest to the Cybil Shepherd character and I really didn’t like him then because he was moving into Bruce Willis’ territory.  Bruce and Cybil were meant to be together in that series!!!  And, actually, thanks to Mark’s part, I think they were. 




For a time. 




The folks in the next room had their TV on all night long.  Unbelievable!  And the sheets on my bed were scratchy.  I didn’t sleep well (or much) at all.  When 3:30 rolled around I was more than happy to get up and get moving.


Met up with some of the others at the Marriot and hopped a bus to the start.  Smooth and I sat on the very first seat on the bus.  I don’t think I’ve ever sat on the front seat before.  Anyways, the plan was for Smooth, Kathie, Mark, and I to run for a 3:50 finish.


Well, the first 17 miles for me were fantastic!  Except for a lack of porta-potties at every aid station like the fine folks running this show said there would be: 'RUNNER INSTRUCTIONS – AID STATIONS & PORTA JOHNS – Aid stations will be at various marks through the full course.  Please consult the map for descriptions and services.  The less-glamorous cousin of the aid station, porta-johns will be available at all aid stations in addition to the start and finish areas.'  BULL!  Thankfully, the half-way point (the start for the half) had plenty.  Anyhow, I had managed to keep up with Smooth and we were doing fairly well—on track to come in under 4 hours.  BDZ passed us just before the dam and he appears to have jetted along from there on in.  Good job, Brent!


Running down the canyon I could sense a bit of distress with Smooth—walking through the aid stations was no longer an option for her because she was afraid of cramping up.  Interestingly enough—and it completely blew both Smooth and I away when we realized it—our fastest mile of the day was mile 23 exiting the canyon.  My Garmin flashed the split as 7:15 then, but after loading into the computer and having it adjust for errors it came out at 8:02—but still a lot faster than planned or anticipated at that point.


The trail for the next 2 miles, as everyone knows, is a total pain.  Smooth’s legs were tight and any real deviation from a smooth and steady stride could set her legs into those cramping spasms she’s learned to despise.  After a close call at the first aid station there along the trail I suggested that she just run as straight a line as she could and I’d get her water and PowerAde.  I was very concerned as we passed a large number of people who were just all over the trail making it hard to make a straight shot of it.  As we passed under Washington I was afraid of what the slats would do, but we got through it OK.  As we got up and onto Grant Ave Smooth’s struggles really started to take their toll, but there was no way she was going to call it quits.  As she slowly hunched over I offered her my arm if she needed it and it wasn’t long till she did.  I was just so grateful I was there to offer her my help—after witnessing her incredible desire to finish strong and happy in the miles preceding this, I couldn’t imagine leaving her to go after a better personal time.  With about 4 blocks to go another runner, his name is Matt or Lance (??) by the way, came and helped with Smooth’s other arm.  In many ways, Smooth pulled me in.  And hearing the crowds cheer Smooth on was both an emotional and physical boost for me as well.


Final time was 4:01:19.  They’ve got Smooth finishing at 4:01:34…  What?  Interesting considering we pretty much started and finished together, step for step. 


Smooth: I really hope you can get those cramps figured out whether it’s an electrolyte imbalance or whatever—there’s got to be something that can be done.  In the med tent when they got you all propped up you could see your calf muscles pulsate—it was actually kind of freaky.  Anyways, absolutely loved spending the morning with you and hope I get the opportunity again and again in the future.

Saucony Hurricane 8 (Yellow) Miles: 26.20
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Asics GT-2150 Trail Miles: 6.21Saucony Hurricane 8 (Yellow) Miles: 36.24
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